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Translation Section


Through close coordination with our engineers, the Translation Section provides translations for patent applications which best match the intentions and preferences of our clients.  This is achieved by studying the technical background of the invention together with the engineer in charge prior to translation, and thoroughly checking the translated material with our engineers as well as other translators (including native speakers of English or Chinese).

Structure (as of Augusut, 2023)

English Translation Group: 17 translators including 3 native speaker
Chinese Translation Group: 3 translators including 3 native speakers

Translation Groups

English Translation Group

Only in-house translation makes it possible to provide the highest quality translation for our clients.  Each application is translated by an English translator under close coordination with the engineer in charge of the application.  By doing so, Nii Patent Firm achieves translation that is accurate, clear, and faithful to the original, based on a full understanding of the technical content.  We also ensure thorough checking of translated material not only between the translator and the engineer in charge, but also with the assistance of other translators (including native speakers).  Furthermore, we also support the prompt prosecution of patent applications by using the appropriate wordings and formats commonly used or specified by the country or region in which the applications are filed, such as those for the US and European Community.

Chinese Translation Group

China is rapidly developing its economy and market.  According to the statistics of the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office, the number of patents filed in China from 2000 to 2006 has increased by about 20%.  As everyone knows, the Beijing Olympics has been held in China in 2008, and the Shanghai Exposition has been held in 2010, 2 years after the Olympics.  It seems that China will continue to bring new energy to the international market.  In addition, the intellectual property environment in China is also changing very rapidly.  In response to this change, and in order to meet the needs of our clients in a timely manner, we work hard to guarantee translation quality with our Chinese translation staff, and our resident Chinese patent attorney.