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Technical Section

In order to ensure the acquisition of patent rights for their inventions, our technical staff arranges interviews with our clients, the inventors, in order to draft both domestic and foreign patent applications on their behalf.  Our resident patent attorneys also enable us to offer a wide range of patent-related services.  For foreign applications, each is translated by an in-house translator and proof-read by an engineer in our technical section.

Most of our engineers have extensive experience in the patent industry, and keep up to date with in-demand knowledge and industry trends by participating in technology and patent specification seminars.  That's why NII Patent Firm earns high marks in the annual evaluations of our main client, a well-known industry leader in consumer electronics.

Structure (as of August, 2023)

11 Patent engineers and 20 Patent Attorneys

Technology Groups

Semiconductor Group

The Semiconductor Group works mainly with image sensor, memory device, media processor, system LSI, compiler, development tools and other applications.  It is often said that technical innovation in the semiconductor field advances, not on a daily or monthly basis, but rather at a pace counted in terms of seconds and minutes.  For this reason, we hold consultations with our clients regarding the technical background and key points of every semiconductor related invention, from the circuit level to the architectural level, in order to acquire solid patent rights.

R&D Group

Due to the incorporation of national and other universities, recent years have seen a noticeable increase in the number of patent applications from universities.  The R&D Group therefore files a significant number of patent applications based on requests not only from the R&D departments of businesses but from universities as well.  These patent applications span technical fields ranging from engineering and physics to applied medicine.  In order to acquire patent rights for inventions in advanced technology fields, we have dedicated ourselves to constantly improving our knowledge of advanced technology and patent application drafting techniques.

Software Group

The Software Group handles applications in the field of computer software technology, which has advanced and diversified remarkably in recent years.  Specifically, the Software Group drafts patents for technologies such as moving picture compression, audio signal processing, image processing, communication networking, digital copyright control, digital CATVs, information storage, and business-related technology.  The Software Group strives to acquire patents that properly protect client innovations in these fields, in order to maximize client satisfaction.

Machinery/Mechatronics Group

The Machinery/Mechatronics Group is well prepared to respond to our clients' wide range of needs in the handling of patent applications relating to the mechanisms and structures of industrial machinery, office automation, home appliances, household products and so on, as well as applications for the control software for these products.  The Machinery/Mechatronics Group regularly researches new possibilities for protecting our clients' patents from new points of view that integrate up to date knowledge of software, mechanics and structures accumulated by our staff.