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Greetings from the Executive Officer

Executive Officer Hiromori Nii
Executive Officer
Hiromori Nii

Accurate, expert patent specifications—NII Patent Firm is a business partner you can trust.

Amidst growing competition between businesses, the acquisition and effective application of intellectual property rights has become an essential part of corporate strategy.  At NII Patent Firm, we combine a dedication to technical, legal, and linguistic proficiency with a passion for specialized knowledge, to provide your business with the highest-quality intellectual property services available.
What is the "essence" of an invention? In today's world of rapidly-changing and sophisticated technology, remembering this point is of utmost importance.  We keep this concept at the forefront, creating accurate specifications with patentability as the objective.  It is precisely our discriminating brand of specifications that provides the solid patent rights necessary in today's competitive market.  Whether starting, developing, or expanding your business, there is no better choice than NII Patent Firm.

A consistent ideal of client satisfaction and added value

"I'm glad I chose NII Patent Firm—let's do business again." These are the words we want to hear.  The satisfaction of our clients is our primary business objective.  To that end, we value communication with our clients, taking care to fully understand business strategies and tactics as well as the purpose, use, and urgency of intellectual property rights from the client's perspective.  In short, we provide client satisfaction as our product.

"Sincerity" as a motto

A close business relationship benefits all parties involved.  We firmly believe that such a relationship is founded on a business' sincerity.  Always providing the best possible product, emphasizing the integrity of our work, and gaining our clients' trust are values that NII Patent Firm holds in the highest regard.